Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Promotes Practice Areas

Sole practitioners and medium-sized law practices are benefiting from proven law firm marketing strategies. Digital marketing for law firms is efficient, effective, scalable and is applicable to all practice areas of law.

And digital marketing really works!

Perhaps your firm is already successful.
To stay successful you need to mitigate competition.
Continuing to have a strong online presence will keep competitors at bay and also support your referral base.

Perhaps you want to grow your firm.
Bring new business to your existing practice area or a new practice area!
Considering opening another location?
Bring new business to each location you open!

The industry websites like AVVO and FindLaw are often used by attorneys for attorney-to-attorney comparisons. Potentially useful however less likely to provide new client leads. People needing legal help search for how they describe their situation. The majority of the time prospects begin looking for legal counsel on a search engine rather than a legal profession website.

Law firm marketing requires a strategy that builds your firm’s brand and/or maintains your firm’s brand. Marketing to people that need legal help is completely different than marketing the season opener of a professional sports team. Each requires a unique strategy. It is important to receive counsel only after a review of the unique facts and circumstances related to your law firm’s current online competitiveness and your vision for the law firm’s immediate, mid and long term goals.

Here is my white paper about analytics for law firms

Law Firm Analytics Dashboard – Data Visualization For Law Firms