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Analytics For Bed and Breakfast Owners – Data Dashboards for B&B

Be a better host by visualizing analytics and room reservation data within one digital dashboard allowing you more time with guest and to enjoy your business.

Analytics For Coffee Shops – Analytics Dashboards For Coffee Shops

Coffee shop analytics benefit owners who leverage these data-driven areas found within every coffee shop. Learn how coffee shop analytics can work for you.

Analytics For Commercial Construction Company

Commercial construction company is leveraging advanced analytics and regression modeling to gain market share.

Analytics For CPG Skincare Company – CPG Data Dashboards

Skincare company finds multiple benefits with analytics including additional sales forecasting and enhanced customer experiences.

Analytics For E-Commerce Website Increases Gross Revenue

E-commerce company maximized their analytics suite to increase average customer order, and gross revenue while gaining data visualization dashboard.

Analytics For Fast Casual Restaurants – Dashboards For QSR & FSR

Restaurant analytics suite identifies customer ordering trend and makes strategic decision to re-image the order process that results in added revenue.

Analytics For Home Care Services – Dashboards For Home Health Company

Analytics dashboards for home care services firms combine operational systems and marketing platform to holistically monitor success KPIs.

Custom Analytics Dashboards – Recurring Analytics Reports

Looker Studio, Tableau and Power BI analytics dashboards for agencies, e-commerce websites and entities with unique reporting requirements.

First-Party Data Explained

Learn how companies leverage their internal data sets to create better customer personalization experiences and enhance their marketing strategies.

Food Truck Analytics Dashboard Benefits – Data Dashboards For Food Trucks

Analytics dashboard for a food truck concept helped enable the transition to a brick-and-mortar restaurant using data-driven decision-making.

Google Analytics Tracking Paid Media Performance Guide

Learn how GA4 can track paid media campaigns by traffic sources, conversions, multi-channel attribution and e-commerce product sales.

Google Analytics Tracking SEO Performance Guide

Learn how GA4 can track SEO performance, when connected to Google Search Console, to analyze keywords, bounce rate, site speed and goals.

Google Tag Manager Performance Tracking Guide

Learn how GTM can enhance performance tracking of paid media campaigns and SEO content while reducing website tracking code management.

Law Firm Analytics Dashboard – Data Visualization For Law Firms

Analytics for law firms can benefit any size practice or practice area including visualizing digital marketing and CRM data in a custom analytics dashboard.

Second-Party Data Explained

Learn how companies use second-party data sources to create customer personalizations and make better data-driven decisions.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Add BI Data To Analytics Dashboard

SMB use business intelligence data sources to provide a more comprehensive visualization within their custom analytics dashboard.

Third-Party Data Explained

Learn how to use third-party data sources to create personalized customer experiences and the process to acquire third-party data to enhance first and second-party data.

Yoga Studio Analytics Dashboard Creates Calmness for Owners

Yoga studio owners leverage analytics dashboard to enlighten operational and marketing decision making and enhance yogi experience.

Zero-Party Data Explained

Learn the subtle differences between zero-party data and first-party data including processes to improve the gathering of valuable customer insights.

Zero-Party Data, First-Party Data, Second-Party Data, and Third-Party Data Differences

Learn how businesses and marketing teams use internal data sources and external data sources to create customer personalizations and make data-driven decisions.

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