Blending localized digital marketing and international business acumen brings exceptional insight and solutions to complex situations. Focusing on high value websites including celebrities, blockchain and crypto currency. I create security enhanced, high performance website environments at scale, and online marketing automation systems. Websites are achieving multiple page one rankings and conversion rates of over 40%.

Savvy hackers are reducing your online marketing ROI. How do I know? I develop highly effective online marketing campaigns that weave computer network engineer experience and security expert insights. I see the website analytics and the network security audits. Merging the online marketing and defensive security technology is a natural solution. Network security solutions combined with digital marketing strategies can solve many complex online issues.

Most are unaware of technical issues on their website. Most are also unaware that hacking attempts or successes are happening to their website everyday. Hacking skews website analytics. Hackers often use marketing or ecommerce website as a launch pad for the nefarious targeting of other websites.

Think it’s not happening to your website? Unfortunately it is. You have yet to look in enough places.