Handyman Marketing for Contractors Building a Local Business

When you needed a ceiling fan installed or faucet replaced you probably went online and searched for someone to do it for you. If the local handyman was listed online, you probably requested a quote or just picked up the phone and called their office number.

Most successful handyman company owners are more likely on the job site vs. being in a traditional office environment. The handyman’s office work is usually conducted from within a well equipped vehicle filled with tools that only they know how to use and a few business tools that you may recognize such as a cell phone.

The handyman may work 12 hour days and manage the paperwork side of the business between job sites leaving little time for marketing yet acknowledge that they need to do more of it to be competitive and grow their customer base.

I offer an affordable handyman marketing program for contractors with or without a website by placing contractor information on websites already ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Social media marketing is also very effective for handyman services.

This approach greatly reduces the time typically required to get the contractor’s own website to rank on the search engines and increases the probability of the contractor being found online. The handyman marketing program also works well for anyone in the skilled trades industry.

I provide contractor marketing programs that increase your visibility on the search engines and drives new business to the your telephone number or website.